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Learn How to Give Reiki to Yourself and Others

Reiki (pronounced “Ray-kee”) is a Japanese word roughly translated as “universal life-force” or “spiritual energy” and the practice of Reiki is a hands-on relaxation modality that guides the mind, body, and spirit into peace and balance. Learn how to use your hands to help family and friends (and YOURSELF) heal, relax, and rejuvenate without depleting your own energy. As you learn how to use Reiki, you will find that you benefit from giving it as much as the person receiving it.

In this class you will learn and receive:
• The translation of Reiki and what it means
• How Reiki works
• The History and Lineages Reiki
• The basics of working with energy
• The Reiki Principles
• How to give yourself and other a Reiki treatment
• Hand Positions for 3 different Reiki treatments
• An introduction to the 7 chakras in the body
• Spiritual tools for maintaining a healthy mind
• 2 Reiki Attunements
Students will have time to practice giving Reiki to themselves and with each other.