Reiki Healing At Home

about this event

Experience Distance Reiki Healing at the comfort of your bed. Stay safe & sane at home while maintaining your spiritual progress or heal physical/emotional ailment.

What is Reiki Healing?
Reiki is gentle energy healing practice where a practitioner receives Reiki energy from the Universe and transmits the energy onto the receiver. Reiki improves the flow of energy in the body & removes any blockages. It awakens your natural healing ability. Reiki works not only for physical ailments but also for psychological health – healing for the body, mind and soul.

What is Distance Healing?
Distance Reiki Healing works through time & space allowing the recipient and the healer to be at different locations & heals each chakra, body part, internal organ & the whole body physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically & spiritually. A distance healing session has the same healing effectiveness as a physical live session.

What are the benefits of Reiki Healing?
– Deep Relaxation
– Release stress & tension
– Help in sleeping problems
– Clear energy blocks
– Helps the body to detox
– Clears the mind & improve focus
– Improve mood

What happens during the Distance Healing session?
In the comfort of your bed, we will connect virtually through video conference, begin with a guided meditation, followed by lying down for relaxation & healing which ends with a short discussion/deep sleep.
You will receive a Reiki Booster Attunement which will continue to heal you for the next few days.
Your room will also be cleansed with Reiki.

Max 6 pax as the healing will be sent individually just like in physical session.

Schedule in GMT +8
(other time zone: GMT +1/ GMT +10 / GMT +12):

4pm – 5:30pm
(BST 9am / AEST 6pm  / NZST 8pm)

5pm – 6:30pm
(BST 10am / AEST 7pm / NZST 9pm)

3pm – 4:30pm
(BST 8am / AEST 5pm / NZST 7pm)

Things you will need:
2. Handphone/Laptop with camera
3. Water Bottle
4. Eye cover/small towel/eye pillow to cover your eyes
5. A comfortable & quiet place for you to relax in with blanket/cushion/bed as you will be lying down for some duration.

One-to-one Distance Reiki Healing & Interactive Yoga At Home also available. PM for details.


About Hwee Hwee
Reiki Healer, Hatha Yoga Instructor & Bhakti Yogi

Hwee fell in love with the low impact workout of Yoga Asana (which was gentle for her teenage injured spine). With multiple injuries in her life, it led to her become an alignment focused Yoga instructor & Reiki Healer. Through her personal experience of managing her injuries & pain, she is even more mindful in giving variations and modifications for all body types during asana practice.

Wanting to know yoga beyond the physical aspects (Asanas), she went to one of the oldest yoga school in world, G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalydham in Lonavla, Pune, India in 2017 and attained her Hatha Yoga teaching certifications from both Kaivalydham and Quality Council of India (QCI) by Indian Yoga Association.

Turning point of her life:
Through a long depressive phase at work and a bad relationship in 2013, Hwee searched for a spiritual meaning in her existence, a deeper meaning in life and an identity on this Earth. She often wondered why did she come into existence? Is there more to life than this shell that we live in? The search led her to the practice of breath meditation, Rebirthing Breathwork, Vipassana meditation, Kundalini Yoga and many more. She was happier with those practices, however something was still missing.

She left her corporate job in search of “herself” and landed herself in a Gauḍīya Vaiṣṇava temple. Through living as Bhakti Yogi’s Brahmacharini (nun) in the temple’s ashram, she finally found “herself”, the true meaning and identity in life. She is now a practising Vaiṣṇavi.

As an advocate of self awareness, she believes that the whole point of practising yoga is to increase self awareness. And hence, the practice between asana (physical exercise) and meditation has integrated into one. It is said that we don’t do meditation, meditation happens to us.

Join Hwee for Reiki healing, asanas and pranayama practice for meditation to happen!

Hwee is also proficient in Chinese and Japanese language. Please also follow her on Instagram and Facebook @NamasteWithHwee