Reiki For Fertility with Reiki Master Erika Bartolini

about this event

In this Reiki for Fertility workshop you will learn to use Reiki in self practice to harmonize your mind and body and increase your chances to conceive. This practice has worked for me and I hope to share my knowledge with you.

This workshop is for women trying to conceive who have either had pregnancy loss or who want to increase their chances to conceive.

Reiki is the Universal Life Force Energy that exists in all things. You will receive traditional Reiki training and learn how to channel Reiki energy to practice hands on healing using the traditional hand placements.

What To Expect:

-> Learn the history of Reiki

-> Master the traditional hand placements

-> Receive two Reiki attunements that will allow you to give Reiki to yourself

-> Learn self practice of Reiki to balance your body and increase your fertility