Regression Hypnosis Certification Training

about this event


With Peter Woodbury, MSW.


In this certification training, you’ll learn the art and science of hypnosis and how to apply hypnosis to regression, including Past Life Regression.

You will gain both theoretical knowledge and practical insight into the process of hypnosis, past-life regression, future life progressions, in-between lives therapy. You can add a new dimension to your current practice and use hypnotherapy as a tool for personal insight and transformation.

In this training you will:

~ Learn Peter’s technique of “Soul Contact” and how to use it as a method of spiritual healing.

~ Learn regression techniques that you will experience both firsthand and apply with others, combining theory and practice. You will be regressed & regress someone 3 times over the 3 day training.

~ Learn the psychological benefits of hypnosis such as releasing past-life traumas and how to enable this process.

~ Graduate from this certification training with: (1) the experience and confidence to apply these techniques and (2) how to use them safely and ethically.

This course focuses on both the spiritual and physical healing aspects of regression therapy.

Your Instructor:

Peter Woodbury, MSW, is one of the most prolific regressionists in the world today conducting 300 to 400 regressions a year. He has his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University & his Master’s degree from Boston University. He has been on the faculty of both Boston University and Atlantic University. He taught the regression hypnosis degree program for Atlantic University.

He was trained in hypnosis and regression by Dr. Brian Weiss, Dr. Allen Chips, and Dan Brown, PhD. Peter’s technique, called “Soul Contact”, takes the client from the everyday waking state of the ego and into the infinite consciousness of the Soul. It is in this space that “all things can come into remembrance”. He will draw from Edgar Cayce’s teachings, focusing on the spiritual aspects of this work and for the highest good of all involved. This work is intense, transformative, transcendent, powerful and deeply deeply healing. Peter is sure that if he has learned to do this work, so can you! Come see for yourself!


Regression therapy

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniques

Facilitating healing processes

The uses and purposes of a script

Concepts such as “the psyche naturally wants to heal itself” & “trust the process”.

Students will witness the process in an online classroom setting and experience the methods as both practitioner and client.

This course will focus on:

Common regression experiences

Unusual regression experiences

The 5 major types of experiences that occur in a regression

Meeting with guides, angels and your council

Questions, answers, and discussions

Program Prerequisite:

– It is recommended (but not mandatory) that students have experienced at least one past-life regression hypnosis session before the class..