Recovering Human Experience & Workshop: A Return to the True Nature of Self

about this event

You are invited to join Writer, Mentor and Certified Coach, Molly Franken, at her Recovering Human Workshop: A Return to the True Nature of Self.

The cost is $125 and can be paid upon arrival at the studio.

This is a personal development workshop focused on the goals of vulnerability, acceptance and letting go. It’s tenets include unearthing our truths and recovering the deepest and most human parts of ourselves. All that stuff we’re scared to let people see? We are going to dig into it and own it.

This Recovering Human Workshop integrates discussion, writing exploration, meditation, intuitive movement and group sharing to re-discover and deepen our true human nature.

If you are a part of the Recovering Human experience, you will be making a commitment to the following:

  • I am going to embrace my vulnerability and fear, even if it makes me so uncomfortable I sweat buckets and want to find the nearest exit.
  • I am going to deepen my senses, even if I repeatedly become distracted, afraid or anxious. I will bring myself back to where my feet are.
  • I am going to fully let go, even if I am awkward and messy like a toddler. Toddlers don’t give a damn and I won’t either.
  • I am going to ground myself in the truth of the natural world, of which I come from and am a part of, just like the other members in this group and all living things around me.
  • I am going to connect with my inner knowing. If I am unsure about this, I will pause and check in.
  • I am going to practice radical honesty with myself and with others, even if it feels like I am jumping off a cliff with no harness. I may fumble but I am safe.
  • I am going to embrace all that is human within me because it is exactly who I am and it is so worth recovering.

We will use our time together to explore, unearth and share topics like:

  • Universal Truth and Connection
  • What is Your Story?
  • Self Assigned Roles & Rules
  • Going Toe to Toe with Our Inner Critic
  • Our Intuitive Believer
  • Fear, Shame & Joy
  • The Cost of Inaction
  • And More

We are going to talk about the hard stuff, the human stuff. We are going to be vulnerable and open. This group will be about exploration, discovery, connection, sharing and recovering the parts of ourselves we have left behind.

Walk away from this workshop with the ongoing and open invitation to step closer towards yourself in your daily life.

This workshop is specifically created as a fun and safe environment for deep work. If you’re human, you’re invited!

Please arrive 10 minutes early so you can get settled. We will start promptly at 1pm. Bring an open heart, a pen, journal, mat and water/snack. Wear whatever is comfortable.

If you would like to learn more about this workshop, Molly or her work, head to