Reclaim Your Power Retreat

about this event

Are you ready to take your personal transformation

to the next level?

Join sibling duo Moun D’Simone & Sah D’Simone June 16-21 at Kripalu Center, MA.

Reclaiming your power is a revolutionary act, to be fully yourself takes courage, and discipline. Cultivate the inner wisdom that powers you to shine bright, no matter what anyone thinks, and you help other do the same.

Learn how to create a life of joy, curiosity, compassion and contentment.
You will experience practical tools to:

* Expand capacity to be kind + maintain healthy relationships
*Learn how to live in alignment with your heart
*Befriend emotions and rewrite your story
*Release stuck emotions and trauma from the body

-Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Nature, Free Time, Story Telling

Tuition $450.00 per person + room and meals.

“So many amazing things happened in my life after the retreat. I felt their authenticity, desire to teach and help people end their suffering.” Angela Rivera

“I was able to experience some of the lightest, highest, juiciest moments of my mind in a whole new way. I was able to hang out with my SOUL, visualize magic, scream in the forest and dance with my shadows.” – Ryland Vallely

“You created a innovative approach. The dharma talks were so inspiring. Sah and Moun held space for engaging talks and everyone felt comfortable being vulnerable and sharing stories. I have to add, we had so much fun. My cheeks hurt from laughing and smiling from such a wonderful time! Seriously, we laughed, we cried, and we met new spiritual friends!” – Michelle Brown