Receive a Complimentary Reiki Session

about this event

No matter how strong, independent and capable you are—we could ALL use someone to lean on. While there is beauty in diving into the unknown, my students and I would like to support you the best way we know how and offer clarity, guidance and healing during this time.

I believe that every single one of us has a unique gift to offer and contribute to the world. And holding space to heal and empower others is ours, so we thank you for giving us this opportunity to shine our light and serve you.

In order to receive:

1) Follow @stayandvibe and @stayandheal on Instagram.

2) Like the IG post on 5/15 (posted on the 15th of every month @5pm PST) – it helps us reach more people!

3) Comment your email on the post.

4) Every person will be emailed the discount code (varies from month to month) and instructions on how to proceed about a week after the 15th. The first 100 to apply the discount code will be guaranteed a session/spot.

Please do not purchase a ticket here as this is 100% complimentary for the first fifty people every month unless you want to donate.

Please Note:

If you have not received an email or the coupon code does not work, that means there have already been 50 people who claimed the spots for the month.

2) Please do not put in your credit card info when you are booking on my website as it’s 100% free. Please note that I can not refund you, so please remember this!

3) Please note that the date/time you booked the session for is not final. Please write down at least 3 additional dates/times that work for you when booking. Once I receive your booking, my students will email you by the 1st of every month to coordinate a time/date that works best for both of you. Please remember and be patient as most of my students have a full-time job outside of this and they’re doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.

Sessions are about an hour long and include a distant healing as well as an intuitive oracle card reading at the end.

Additional Announcements:

  • If you have not been emailed the discount code and would like to still receive a session by one of my students, you can pay for the services here and I will pair you up with a student from my team.
  • If you received your session and feel called to get reiki certified yourself, please see course dates under “Reiki Training” on my website.

Happy healing! xx