Realistic Resolutions with Niki Saccareccia

about this event

Welcome 2022 with habits you can really commit to!

In this workshop with Yoga Wake Up teacher Niki Saccareccia, we are going to breakdown why New Year’s resolutions fail us and how to create ones that last using an intentional, habit-based approach. Because meaningful change happens one day at a time. 

This 45-minute workshop will include:

  • Easy seated stretch
  • Resolutions insights + recap
  • Breaking down common resolutions
  • How-to create realistic, intention-based resolutions that sustain
  • Questions/discussion
  • Closing meditation

5-5:45 pm PST (note timezone please!)

Event will be recorded and sent out as a replay.

We look forward to you joining us!

This is the first of a series of monthly workshops created with Yoga Wake Up teachers to support your wellbeing and personal growth. Join us for just $8. 

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