Ready or Not? Self-Trust and Readiness on the Dating Path

about this event

A workshop and community connection experience hosted by humhum and Mental Wellness Practitioner Dr. Eileen Shoals, Psy.D, M.A., L.M.F.T.

About this event

humhum and Dr. Eileen Shoals are collaborating to bring you an experience that weaves together community, discussion, mindfulness and authentic connection as we explore the notion of readiness in dating. Some of us are getting back out there after a while, opening our hearts after a breakup, or just dating again in person, after years of a lot of social isolation. We may be navigating feelings of anxiety, ambivalence, and eagerness all at once.

This unique two-hour virtual experience will weave together an engaging exploration of Self-Trust, and Readiness in dating facilitated by Dr. Eileen Shoals, and various opportunities for community connection in breakout rooms for participants to explore the topic more deeply. We’ll practice communicating with one another through intentional dialogue exercises, and with guided discussion prompts.

All virtual attendance holders will receive a complimentary audio recording of Eileen’s portion of the session.

*BIPoC Individuals, you’re invited to use the discount code BIPOC for 25% off your ticket.

humhum’s jam is removing friction from forming new connections; we offer topics that build off of Dr. Eileen’s share, keep time, and let you know how to keep in touch after if there is shared interest to do so. All you have to do is show up, be yourself, focus on your experience and enjoy the new connections you’re making, internally, and with others.

This experience is connection centric, and not everyone there will be available to dating—however we welcome all folks; those available to dating and those who are unavailable. Because we love romantic possibility at humhum, for those of you ‘available to dating’ we help you follow up on connections you’re interested in.

For all attendees, we offer a private form where you indicate who you’d like to stay connected to and what you’re available to e.g. friendship or intrigued to explore something more. If there is reciprocity, humhum makes an email intro after the event, and helps you deepen in your connection beyond this virtual experience. Don’t worry, if you put “intrigued” and someone else put “friendly,” your secret is safe with us and we connect you as friends to keep in touch.

About humhum

humhum is a space for authentic human connection, romantic possibility, and relationships. We offer experiences that bring us closer to ourselves as we connect with one another. We see all forms of connection as a pathway to self discovery, expansion and evolution. Learn more here.

About Dr. Eileen Shoals

Dr. Eileen Shoals, Psy.D, M.A., L.M.F.T., and Intuitive Spiritual Therapist is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. With 18+ years of service in the mental and emotional health field, her primary clinical techniques stem from training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and elements of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Her extensive training in alternative treatment approaches includes connecting with the spirit of an individual to achieve balance and ultimate healing. Combining holistic approaches with traditional theoretical orientations has proven to be a successful combination in healing traumatic, addictive, psychiatric and/or emotional disorders.

Eileen collaborates with humhum as a mental wellness practitioner. In this capacity, she cultivates a safe space for strong mental wellness to exist within the dating experience. Through group facilitation and one-on-one sessions, Eileen offers emotional health guidance that safeguard a healthy sense of self throughout the adventure of exploring and sharing space with others.