Reading For Yourself: Using Tarot to Give Yourself Permission To Know

about this event

“I want people to know that they are the reason tarot works. Having your cards read by others is fundamental but I also want people to pull cards for themselves.” – Zoie Loves

Tarot is a tool for talking to your subconscious.

It’s an old friend you can turn to in good times and bad. It’s a mirror.

Some use tarot for divination — some believe that tarot just shines a light on what we already know … whether through intuition, intellect, or something else.

In this virtual workshop with tarot reader and seer Zoie Loves, you’ll learn how to read tarot for yourself.

We’ll cover some fun ways to read the cards as well as some tips on how to pull cards for yourself (write your question down, tarot is like a good friend, don’t doubt the cards, being kind to yourself is key).

We conclude with the message that the cards mostly want you to understand why you’re asking the question, this is where the answer lies.

“My intention is people will leave feeling like they have a powerful tool to develop their self-trust,” says Zoie.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How subliminal messaging works in art
  • Spotting tarot cards in pop culture
  • Archetypal storytelling
  • Tarot as a comic book
  • How to ask the write questions
  • How to read your cards
  • How to act once you’ve gotten our message

This is a virtual workshop — attendees will be able to ask questions in real time and get feedback from Zoie.

Can’t make the virtual event live broadcast? No biggie. All attendees will receive an audio, video, and PDF version of the workshop digitally.