Quantum Field Medicine with Dr. David Kirk, ND

about this event

Quantum Healing takes place when you induce changes in your own ethereal field.

Psych-K is a method of retraining your subconscious mind to form new beliefs. Through this practice you can shift the thoughts you have been thinking since childhood.

Homœopathy is a powerful medicine that utilizes the energetics of natural substances. Your brain responds quickly and permanently, regrowing pathways.

In this workshop, we will breakdown these 2 forms of energy healing, and learn how to practice them at home.

Dr. David Kirk explores the depths of the human soul and works to connect his patients with the love of the Earth. Since 2012 he has been working with powerful natural medicines to heal brain pathways and regrow neural connections.

Join Dr. Kirk for an evening of mind expansion, where he explains the workings of energy medicines and how he uses them to heal a wide range of brain conditions including bipolar, adhd, anxiety, depression, and memory issues.