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The Integration of Kalamoho Lau Li’i Fern, Emotional Innovation

(In the support of Kā’ape’ape Fern, Emotional Grace)

At Starseed Ranch, North Kohala, Moku O Keawe (Hawai’i Island)



SUNDAY, MARCH 27 | 10AM-4:30PM 

Join Ke’oni Hanalei of Pohala Botanicals as he shares sacred knowledge bestowed upon him by his kūpuna, a lineage that spans 1,017 generations. Although some of the language has been revised, the core, or Piko, of what he teaches remains true to the lineage.

In this three day event, we will explore and integrate the tradition known as PUA’AEHUEHU, Mū-Hawaiian Fern Medicine, with an emphasis on the fern Kalamoho Lau Li’i and Kā’ape’ape.  In Pua’aehuehu, we have 103 native and endemic ferns whom correlate to 103 human emotions.  Kalamoho Lau Li’i is the scribe to emotional INNOVATION whereas Kā’ape’ape is the scribe to emotional Grace.

These emotional aspects will be reviewed in two fundamental energy centers of the Mū lineages, the ‘Unihipili (feminine) and the ‘Uhane (masculine). The understanding of these centers will allow for more fluent awareness of these emotional principles. The emotion is the electrical aspect of who we are in this current reality.  

Regardless of the physical gender, we are all 100% feminine and 100% masculine. We live in a culture where we are encouraged or mandated to enliven and to know only one aspect of our full potential. We will explore, according to the doctrines of Mū (pre-historic Hawaiian), the functions of our ‘Unihipili and ‘Uhane. The right relation between our fundamental centers is what delivers us into the recognition of ALOHA MĀ, which means “self-reflective love”


‘Ulu, archaic movement and breath, pre-dates hula and lua, and is a foundational method to which our primordial ancestors acclimated themselves into a reality of form and material. The word “‘Ulu” literally means “to enter and to inspire,” and this translation is a reference to the spirit making contact with a form, known as the body.

Concentrated at the ‘Iwi Kuamo’o, the spinal cord, we explore the 33 vertebrae and specific locations therein which hold memory of the feminine and masculine qualities.

If your sovereign feminine and masculine have a movement, what is it? If it has a specific breath, what is that?  

Ke’oni will assist in exploring and possibly help to extract that.

Kelly Sears, of Liquid Light Magik, based on Moku O Keawe, will support our group with vocal and instrument toning activations. The toning is crucial in discerning frequencies which match and thus compel the ‘Uhane and ‘Unihipili. Kelly is a seasoned and advanced practitioner in not only general, basic, toning but also how to discover and honor the toning she telepathically senses from individuals.


We’ll gather outdoors at a beautiful, private ranch in North Kohala.

We’ll enjoy farm to table, plant-based meals by Chef Erika Kuhr, cofounder of Hawai’i Institute of Pacific Agriculture.

Friday evening we’ll celebrate with traditional Hawaiian faire: 

Pohole Fern Salad Poi – prepared from the cooked corms of kalo LauLau – seasonal root vegetables, sweet potatoes & coconut meat wrapped in ti leafInamona – Hawaiian seasoning with sea salt, roasted kukui & chili pepper water


More about Mū & Fern Medicine: 

Prehistoric Hawaiians, or Mū people, believed Earth reality to be a program of wā, or epochs. Thousands of years ago Hōkū Po’oko’i, or star elders, became aware of a fast approaching wā characterized by a slowing of resonance and a thickening of gravity, a time of great deception, or a spiritual dark age. In an attempt to preserve the purity of human emotions, virtues, and traits this high council coded Fern spores with uncorrupted resonance of these energies. We call these the Principles of Aloha. 

The Fern is the only species on the planet to have achieved evolutionary stasis.  Evolutionary stasis is achieved when a species has fulfilled itself and has met its evolutionary ceiling. Due to the Ferns acquiring balance and completion with nature, they were chosen (as well as volunteered) to hold and preserve emotional intelligence. These codes would become disclosed again once the wā fulfilled itself and another epoch was to begin. We are currently experiencing the changeover from a time of deception into full disclosure characterized as a spiritual awakening on a mass scale. Some circles call this phenomenon The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius. 

At this current understanding, there are 103 Principles, or Ferns, which correlate to individual emotions, virtues, and traits.  There may be far more than we can comprehend, but this number represents the Principles which have granted disclosure and comprehension. The energy of Aloha, or Love, is not represented individually in this pantheon because its resonance is the accumulation of all Principles. Love, Aloha, is truly the purposeful expression and attainment/attunement of Earth Reality.  


Ke’oni Hanalei is a Hawaiian cultural practitioner from Maui who can trace his lineage back 1,017 generations into the archaic culture known as Mū. Upon birth, Ke’oni was “hanaid” or traditionally adopted by his grandmother, Kau’ikeonalani, a well known mākāula (mystic) of Maui.  He comes from a long line of mystics and Hawaiian herbalists. Ke’oni is versed in a very unique type of lā’au lapa’au, plant medicine, known as Pua’aehuehu, Fern Medicine, which correlates to human emotions and emotional intelligence. Ke’oni has also be initiated into archaic Mū breathing and movement art form known as ‘Ulu, and is one of the only contemporary willing to disclose the doctrines of Mū which have traditionally been “Kapu” and “huna” (respectively “forbidden” and “secret”). Ke’oni is also one of just a handful of people who is versed in the language of Mū. 

To learn more about Ke’oni please visit: https://www.pohala.net

Kelly Sears has called Moku O Keawe (Big Island of Hawaii) home for over a decade now. She originally studied western medicine, preparing for a career in nursing. After a rapid series of deaths in her family she found great support in a group of holistic women practitioners. They introduced her to a new world of wellness and mysticism from which she was inspired to shift her focus to alternative healing. She experienced this resonance with holistic modalities as her internal compass guiding her home–back to her true self, and she delved into the study of natural living, intuitive development, metaphysics, plant medicine, animal communication, Mū Culture, and how the emotional, mental and physical constructs align with it all. Through integration of these practices Kelly has healed layers of grief, depression, co-dependency, eating disorders, limited perspectives, anxiety, panic, and fear. This path has led her to create a vibrational space from which to empower others to feel safe and embody their own personal mastery–to help inspire them to be free in the same way she now is, living life in a more present state of being, with joy. Her service has become to help others navigate their own journey home.


PLEASE NOTE that the workshop takes place FRIDAY, SATURDAY + SUNDAY but overnight accommodation is NOT included. 


​​There are a few cabins, luxe tents and camping spaces available on site at STARSEED RANCH. They will go quickly–if interested, contact Madeline by telephone or email: 808.859.0131 starseedranchevents@gmail.com

Otherwise, we recommend the nearby SACRED RETREAT CENTER. They have kindly reserved lodging for our group for a special rate. We suggest booking early. Lodging options are visible on their website, linked below. When you are ready to book, please call Kashi at the Sacred Retreat Office: 808-300-7620 



Please reach out to info@mercado-sagrado.com for additional accommodation guidance or with any other questions. 

Space is limited and we suggest booking early. Payment plan available. Tickets are trasnferable but non-refundable. 

All are welcome.