Private 1:1 Breathwork Session (Virtual)

about this event

Through a period of continuous and active breathing, one is able to open up, access trapped energy and emotions, and even reach a non-ordinary state of consciousness, releasing stress, tension, and trauma stored in the body to promote overall well-being. 

Each session starts with a chat to discuss any areas of the body or life you are feeling energetically stuck. You will be actively breathing for about 25-35 minutes with an additional 10 minutes of normal-paced breathing at the end. Reiki will be given towards the end of the breathing journey. There will be time to discuss what came up and any tips and takeaways before the session ends.

“Let me guide you to be your own healer and release the energetic blocks that are preventing you from embodying your most authentic and empowered self.”


       Reiki Master Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator

       Double Scorpio, Taurus, 2/4 Generator

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