Presence and Purpose

about this event

  A special event to explore how to radically shift the way we relate to each other.

About this Event

  • Are you a leader looking for ways to better serve and inspire others?
  • Do you feel called to be a leader, and looking for a place where to learn how to be yourself both authentically and powerfully?
  • Do you get turned off by personal branding, social media games, and office politics, while yearning for ways to authentically inspire and lead?
  • Do you feel called to share your gifts and experience in a way that uplifts and inspires others to be their best?

If you answered Yes to one or more of the questions above, this event is for you. We will connect online for a fully interactive gathering, and explore through guided conversation what it’s like to lead from a real experience of interconnection.

  • How can we notice old conditioning and gently let it go to make space for a more connective presence?
  • How can we be more purposeful and yet open in our conversations?
  • How can we radically accept our own experience and that of others at the same time?
  • How can we honor our time, energy, and boundaries, while fully supporting others?

If you are looking to deepen your ability to be, relate, and connect, join us.This event will take place live online and is INTERACTIVE. I will host the gathering twice to make it easy to participate. You only need to attend once 🙂About Aurora Meneghello:Aurora Meneghello works with individuals and organizations to create space for inner wisdom to show up. Together with her clients, she explores living and working from a deep sense of wholeness and interconnection.