PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: How the New Moon Affects Your Chart

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PRACTICAL ASTROLOGY: How the New Moon Affects Your Chart

Join us (from home) for an astrology workshop to connect to the cosmos on this new moon.

Our amazing astrologer (@evelyn.zuel) will guide you through an introduction to understanding your chart, and then will take it even further by analyzing how this new moon directly impacts you and your birth chart. New moons are a time to place new intentions, so we will also place an emphasis on our new moon manifestations.

Upon RSVP’ing on Eventbrite, you will receive an email with the Zoom link to access the event. See you cosmic angels there!

Event Structure:

  • Introductions
  • Event body: Every month the moon makes one full rotation through every one of the 12 zodiac signs and pulls us to flow in various directions with its movement. Finding out how to read where the moon is in your natal chart is empowering knowledge that allows you to know your own self intimately. In this class we will discuss techniques on how to find where your Natal Moon is in your chart, what it means for you and how the Moon’s monthly journey illuminates our emotional cycles.
  • Q&A

Before the event: please download your birth chart at as we will be using them for the event! (

Everyone who purchases a ticket will also be sent a REPLAY of the event to watch afterward.

About the Astrologer:

Evelyn Zuel is an astrologer, mystic and forever seeker of the greater universal mysteries. She started her deep dive into the esoteric arts starting in 2012, when she surrendered to the divine for the purpose of healing her body from debilitating eczema. Evelyn started reading astrology charts in Los Angeles in 2015, and hosted weekly astrology meet ups before moving to the Mojave Desert. She has written astrology columns for Serpent Fire Tarot, Magic of I and Whole Person magazine and now co-owns a metaphysical shop in Yucca Valley called The Mystic Parlor. Dedicated to illuminating other seekers, Evelyn hopes to guide others towards their true calling with the art of Astrology. You can find her on IG here: @evelyn.zuel.