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 We tend to think of limitation as a negative thing.

But limitation ignites creativity. Picasso limited his color palette for his famous Blue period.

People fear making the wrong choice.

Or we compare our limitations with others and feel as though we are wrong. It is useful to remember that the blank canvas requires the artist to make a mark at the very outset of creation.

Our perceived limitations, wounds, and shame are not problems.

Limitations spark creativity. They are the source of transformation.

Saturn will be in the sign of Pisces from March 2023 until February 2026.

We often fear Saturnian energy because Saturn rules our relationship to constriction, discipline, and limitation. 

Astrologers also point to this timeframe as an incredible opportunity to heal shame and learn valuable lessons about yourself.

Pisces is that part of you that is incredibly vast and boundless.

All possibilities exist in the Piscean realm. And when Saturn comes into Pisces, Saturn asks our imagination to take on form and contours.

These boundaries allow us to see a pattern and form a perspective.

Join The Wild Ones and Britten LaRue for this timely workshop where you will learn how Saturn is affecting you for the next three years and how to navigate this energy.

In this workshop, Britten invites you to trust Saturn’s limiting requests are nothing to fear. Rather, Saturn is helping you create from your dream field.

Britten LaRue is known for helping people reprogram their relationship to Saturn so they can experience humor, love, and trust.

This workshop will be an absolute game-changer for you as you navigate your next three years.

Saturn brings our awareness to the ticking clock. However, the burden of time isn’t felt by Pisces. Instead, Pisces is boundless imagination.

Pisces knows no limits.

It is the part of us that feels the vastness beyond time. Britten will show you how Saturn in Pisces is an invitation to play with new ways of experiencing time.

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After just 90 minutes, you will learn …

+Learn the best way to prepare for this transit according to your rising sign.

+Techniques for building trust with the Saturnian authority inside of yourself.

+Tips for accessing the imaginative ZONE of your Pisces self.

+Magical practices for relating to Time more expansively.

Guest Expert

Britten LaRue helps you access mystical tools to intuit your way in the dark. She is an astrologer, mentor, and author who speaks from the wells of her own lived wisdom.

Britten is a former academic, single mom, lover, and magician. Creator of Emergence Astrology, Britten’s goal is to conjure resonant language from her own truth in order to illuminate the truth emerging inside of you.

Love for Britten ♡

“I am forever grateful to Britten LaRue for being my brave and wise guide. Her authenticity and fierce gentleness is exemplary, a model for what is possible when we listen and trust.” – Mary Schuch

“I am mesmerized, inspired and grateful for her ability to craft a curriculum. Her courses are a cauldron of mystical and practical ingredients that one needs in order to emerge …even stronger to meet the world with our individual truths, vulnerabilities and strengths.” – Megan Frye

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