POLYAMORY CONNECTIONS: Relating With More Freedom + Authenticity

about this event

An interactive + experiential VIRTUAL GATHERING for: 

R E L A T I N G…

One of the biggest shifts in practicing polyamory is a shift in HOW we get to relate to others. 

By not living and operating within the “rules” of monogamy, it means you don’t have to decide if someone is going to be a friend or a potential romance. 

It means that you get to stay in the moment and enjoy a person’s company without needing to decide if it will “lead to anything”.

L I B E R A T I N G…

There’s great freedom in being present with someone and enjoying the experience for what it is in the moment. 

Our mind isn’t in the past or the future.  

It just is and we just are.

Relating to others in this way allows us to be fully seen so that authenticity, true connection, and depth can naturally emerge.

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  • Opportunity to meet other mindful polyamorous/non-monogamous folks
  • Connect with like minds for a sense of belonging + community
  • Uplift + inspire through sharing + listening
  • Cultivate authentic connections with presence + awareness
  • Relate meaningfully through a throughtfully curated + facilitated experience

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