Phoenix Rising: Online Women’s Mentoring

about this event

Happy 2020 beloved sisters around the world! As we settle into this new cycle and decade, I am opening enrolment for my Phoenix Rising 1:1 Online Women’s mentoring journey on January 20 for two weeks. The enrolment will close on February 3, so please book or get in touch if you feel called to this unique journey.

“Xochi has so much beautiful wisdom and is so tapped into the divine feminine, it felt deeply nourishing and a sacred gift to give myself… After my sessions with Xochi I felt more grounded, trusting of myself and my unique path ” – Nikki

~ Are you longing for more as a modern woman waking up to her own unique beauty and potential?

~ Are you craving a deeper, more authentic connection to your own femininity and to your female friends and community?

~ Are you tired of society’s stories that keep you feeling small, fearful and out of touch with your own magnificence and power?

~ Do you long for sacred sisterhood that raises you up above the confines of comparison, competition and mistrust and embraces you unconditionally for all that you are?

~ Do you yearn to reconnect to abundant Mother Earth and your own natural essence as a wise woman through ritual, creativity and courageous self-expression?

~ Do you desire a deeper connection to your body, your cycle, your sensuality and your sexual energy?

There was a time when I answered a full and hungry YES to all of those questions. Years of carrying around unhealed trauma, patriarchal conditioning, unsupportive female relating patterns and a total severance from my place with Nature left me disconnected from my true self and living much of life as if I were merely gliding upon the surface. (And I’m a Scorpio, so I crave depth and I know when there’s more to be uncovered…)

After a profound (and ever-deepening) healing journey, I know now that it is possible to emerge from this fragmentation, and of growing up with patriarchal ideas of how Woman should be, and rise into our most radiant and aligned selves as the Phoenix from the ashes. There is a better way of being, and we crave it deeply. The time is now.

This is an invitation to join me on a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth in sacred sisterhood, as we decode and peel away the layers of conditioning which keep our wisdom as women locked away.

Working closely together, we uncover a roadmap to your life which allows you to flourish authentically as the unique, beautiful woman that you are.

Journeying together through five online sessions, we will use a variety of tools to create a personal practice which honours our place within the cycles of the earth, the moon and our own lives as women. We will uncover ways to reclaim what has for too long been taken from us and rise up with presence, power and purpose.


  1. Decoding The Narrative – what is your narrative as a woman, daughter, sister, mother, partner right now; where are you thriving, what is asking to be explored and what are the stories keeping you small? Setting sacred space; opening ritual
  2. Nature + Belonging – reconnecting to Nature and Mother Earth; exploring your relationship to trust, belonging, safety, home; opening up the unique feminine portal to nature’s wisdom and healing; experiencing letting go, receiving and being held fully by Nature
  3. Womb Wisdom – nurturing the wise woman within and learning to listen more deeply to the wombspace; cultivating intuition, trust and clarity from our centre of wisdom; nourishing the womb and yoni; exploring the menstrual cycle, sexual energy and pleasure
  4. Cultivating Sisterhood – exploring female friendships and healing the wounds of female relating; setting healthy boundaries; compassionate communication; calling in right relationship with your sisters and female community; weaving in the masculine
  5. Yes to Yourself – integrating your true self into daily life, exploring practices to nourish a lasting connection to your centre of intuition and knowing; setting intentions for what is next; planting the seed prayer for the fruits of the journey; accountability and resources for the future

What you receive:

  • 5 x 60 minute online 1:1 sessions over 12 weeks
  • Bespoke altar and medicine bundle, with which to begin the journey
  • Bespoke rituals and practices for each module
  • Continual support for the duration of the journey
  • Inclusive access to my e-course, I Am Holy

This journey is for you if:

– you want to dive deeper into your essential feminine nature

– you recognise the call of supportive sisterhood and coming together to share, grow, heal and be witnessed and heard in this

– you want to cultivate a more profound connection to nature, the earth and the natural rhythms that govern our daily lives

– you have lost touch with your intuition, sense of power and self-belief

– you are stressed, exhausted or feel stuck

– you would like to learn how to honour and understand your menstrual cycle as the sacred and empowering gift that it is

– you want to dive deeper into your sexuality, the sacred mysteries of your womb and yoni and the pleasure that is your birthright

– you already have a spiritual practice but would like to deepen and expand it

– you are new to spirituality, meditation or any kind of inner work but feel a call to explore your inner sky

Investment: £460. Payment plans available via my website. Spaces are limited; you are welcome to meet for a 20 minute online session to feel into the journey and bring any questions.