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“With each layer, a higher vibration of love and intention is created. Culminating in a healing for the individuals, community and globally. ”

A Despacho Full Moon ceremony is a beautiful tradition of the Q’ero shamans of Peru. It visually layers together symbolic elements with our living prayers to bring us into right relationship with the natural world. As we humbly align with the Divine, our heart opens, obstacles dissolve, and our prayers can manifest in the physical realm.

The Despacho is created on top of a large piece of wrapping paper, with the white side up, representing an envelope of dreams upon which we will write our prayers. Symbolic ingredients are infused together in an art form to create harmony, both within and without. Individual prayers are blown into sacred leaves and placed in the Despacho. Once the prayer bundle is complete, the shaman infuses the collective healing prayers into each participant’s energy field.The Despacho is then burned in a ceremonial fire while individuals sing a sacred song to the Mother of the Waters.

The Despacho ceremony will be led by Paula Petry, PhD, a practicing shamanic energy medicine practitioner who has trained extensively with the Four Winds Society. She will begin by opening the Four Cardinal Directions, calling upon the Q’ero lineage to guide and assist. The Despacho is created and then brought to the ceremonial fire.

Presenter Biography:

Paula Petry, PhD, is an author, speaker, presenter, shamanic energy medicine practitioner and mystic. Her passion is helping people experience greater joy, meaning and purpose in their lives. In her retreats, workshops and private sessions people learn about and experience what she calls, our Divine Design—our luminous energy field interwoven into the loving unifying energy of nature.Her private practice is devoted to people working through grief and loss, sexual trauma, and significant life changes.

Her spiritual journey began in 1996 with her search for answers, following the death of her daughter, Alexandra. Initially she found answers and comfort in traditional ways, i.e. her church community, friends, and a grief therapist. However, in 2008 she began to seek answers beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary, into the mystic realm. Through shamanic journeys, sound healings, and plant medicine, she experienced a deep healing and a love for all of nature. Paula brings humility, kindness and compassion into her work.

Paula has her doctoral degree in Education from the University of Miami, where she was faculty for over a decade. She studied shamanism with the Four Winds Society, sound healing, Akashic Records, and other forms of energy medicine. She is part of a Native American Lakota Sweat Lodge in upstate New York where she resides, after living 30 years in Miami. She is a co-owner of the Light of Heart Sanctuary Paula is also part of the Alma Community based in Vero Beach, Florida.



7:00pm – 9:30pm


$40 + Ticket Fees