Perchance Mixer // A Curated Singles Gathering // Venice

about this event

Perchance is a new dating and human connection company. We create experiences that bring together curious, like-minded people and spark authentic connection – romantic or otherwise. No phones, no work talk, just cool people.

In one evening, get introduced to a whole group of fun, like-minded singles. We’ll keep the male/female ratio even, guide you though catalytic activities to break the ice and connect you after with anyone you clicked with. No phones, no work talk, just cool people.

Head to and apply to attend!

** NOTE This is event is by invitation only. To refer a friend, please reach out to


WHEN: Wednesday, November 13 @ 7:30PM (promptly!)

WHAT: Mingling, exceptional people, activities to spark connection and a few surprises along the way

WHERE: Secret Venice Location, LA

To create an environment ripe for connection, we have a few rules for the evening.


1. Disconnect to Connect – Please check your phone at the door and be present with us for the evening.

2. Take a Break from Work – You’re so more than your profession – don’t break the ice with work talk. In fact, don’t even mention what you do.

3. Be Generous, Be Open – We’ve curated the group for awesomeness. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt, share yourself fully, and make space for everyone’s extraordinary.

4. No One Drinks Alone – We imbibe together. Never fill your own glass, always order for a new friend.