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It’s time to talk about peace not as the opposite of war, but as a universal power source that any individual can plug into for free. Peace is an energy that always flows, and that can be used to build peace in the individual experience, and by extension, in the collective experience. Peace is not the opposite of war: peace is a state, and in that state, war cannot exist. The nonexistence of war in the experience of peace is simply one small aspect of the peace experience; war is simply one of many things that cannot exist there. But to focus on what is not present in the peace state is to fail to focus on what is present in that state, and how what’s present can be used. This distraction keeps us from understanding the nature of peace, and therefore using it to build a world that is continuously peaceful—a world in which it is remembered that all plants and all bodies of water are holy, a world that honors all beings, a world in which all are perfectly free, and by way of that freedom, are themselves, and by way of that selfhood, are creative. That is available to us, and it’s available for free. The free energy source of peace cannot be bought and cannot be commodified. It can only remain free. And it can only be used in one way: to build a peaceful world—the world that is our birthright.

Peace Class meets every Wednesday night at 6 pm PDT.

Peace class is a FREE WEEKLY ONLINE GATHERING hosted on Zoom. No registration required; drop in for one class or come for the full series. Each week features a stand-alone lesson. No need to have attended a prior class. Details at

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The Philosophical Research Society is a Los Angeles-based institution built in the 1930s by wisdom scholar Manly P. Hall, author of The Secret Teachings of All Ages; until his death in 1990, Hall delivered his celebrated weekly lectures at the auditorium on its grounds. The PRS’s library houses Hall’s extraordinary collection of rare and handwritten spiritual and philosophical books and manuscripts. The PRS’s Lecturer-in-Residence is Mitch Horowitz and its Artist-in-Residence is Mandy Kahn.

Mandy Kahn is the author of two poetry collections; her work is included in The Best American Poetry anthology series and she is the subject of the forthcoming documentary Peace Piece: The Immersive Poems of Mandy Kahn. Kahn presented a program of peace-building interactive poems at the Getty Museum in 2019; she hosts a live event series at the Philosophical Research Society called I LIKE PEACE.