PAWA Conference

about this event

Ancient and Future Technologies Conference


PAWA’s mission is to explore uncharted territories, rediscovering ancient and unveiling new technologies that offer a broader and richer perception of reality.

As we enter into this new decade of the Twenties, we have the opportunity to reintegrate ancient and indigenous knowledge into our modern civilization to create a new narrative for humanity that offers a positive view of the future of our civilization.

What is PAWA?

PAWA is about creating connections between the spiritual realms and the material world, making visible the invisible while featuring an exploration into a wide range of ancient knowledge.

This exploration will help catalyze new opportunities for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors inspired by the visionaries in their respective fields and offering a platform for turning new ideas into dynamic enterprises.


These are some of the themes that we will be focusing on:

  • Indigenous Wisdom
  • Intellect vs. Intuitive – Understanding Balance
  • Sacred Plants and Their Impact on Consciousness
  • Integrating the Feminine Principle
  • Amazonian Wisdom and Ecology
  • Alternative Paths to Altered States
  • Transformative Technologies
  • The Science of Consciousness
  • Ancient & Indigenous Cosmologies
  • Evolution vs Extinction
  • Conscious Sexuality & Tantra
  • New Capital And Governance Systems
  • Closing & Cacao Ceremony
  • Mardeleva Concert (


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Benki Pyanko (Ashaninka Indigenous Leader, UN’s Equator Prize winner)
  • Biraci Jr. Yawanawa (Yawanawá Indigenous leader)
  • Sting (Musician, activist)
  • Jason Silva (Performance Philosopher)
  • Sarah Drew (author, “Gaia Codex”)
  • Bia Labate (Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines)
  • Eduardo Castillo (Co-founder, Habitas
  • Michael Brian Baker (The Breath Center)
  • Karina Velasco (Yorgasmic)
  • Michael Costuros (Entrepreneurs Awakening)
  • Rico Paganani (Egyption/Giza Pyramid Scholar)
  • Nicole Bradford (Co-Founder, Transformative Technology Conference & Lab)
  • Destin Gerek (The Evolved Masculine)
  • Julia Malone (After Plant)
  • many more (

Who Should Attend & Why

PAWA is created for the “busy” modern day professionals who are curious and open for more…

Whether you are an entrepreneur, investor, engineer, or innovator, and are looking for fulfillment in addition to achievement in your life, PAWA is THE place to explore that in a community of 300+ other tech entrepreneurs, innovators, and creators.

Mardeleva Concert

As the closing night of the PAWA Conference we present MARDELEVA — a unique trio of multi-instrumentalists who seek out spaces in which self-expression, rediscovery and human connection can prosper.

Each concert is uniquely its own; it is never the same experience twice. These concerts span the corners of our planet, in constant search for the next location to call home. We are excited to partner with PAWA on Saturday March 21st for this very special San Francisco event.

More details here. If you purchased a PAWA ticket, you get $60 off Mardeleva concert. Details in your ticket or email to claim it.


PAWA is founded and hosted by Loic Le Meur, entrepreneur and founder of LeWeb, which hosted 3,000 technology entrepreneurs from 50+ countries for 12 years in Paris.

Magdalena Sartori, brand and content advisor, founder of The Assemblage and The Ashram Studio.

Brad Nye, producer, has produced over 1,000 events enlivening attendees across the arts, entertainment, technology, and spirituality sectors.


PAWA is taking place at the recently renovated 100-year old church in North Beach now called the 906.World Cultural Center. The spectacular ceilings highlight what is fast becoming one of SF’s most popular professional event venues.