Parents of Teens Information Workshop

about this event

Are you a parent looking for more ways to help your teenager? Do you need some time to yourself to de-stress and discuss questions and concerns? Look no further than this Parents of Teens Information Workshop!

This workshop will provide:

1) Information on budget friendly and healthy nutrition to help fuel your teenagers body and brain

2) Information on stress management techniques that are simple to implement with your teenager

3) Information on the teenage brain and the specific stage of development your teenager is in

4) Some stress relief for you as a parent – you deserve it too!

5) Question & Answer session to address any questions and concerns

As a fifth year middle school teacher, I have a lot of experience with teenagers. They go through a lot in their adolescent years and it can be very difficult. I am super passionate about helping parents navigate through this time as much as I can! Being knowledeable on these topics can greatly improve how your teenager is taking care of themselves and help them understand this stage of their life on a deeper level.

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