Parent Ceremony: Building Confidence for Birth and Parenting

about this event

To become a parent we need support in our inner preparation. Every person brings their strengths and challenges to the growth and sustainment process of parenthood. Inherent in parenting is great vulnerability, great love received and given, great lessons on what it means to be human and truly encourage the growth and expression of a little one’s authentic beauty and gifts.

Honor your rite of passage into parenthood with an evening of ceremony and ritual to honor your unique gifts as parents, release old patterns and gain the support of your community. This will be an intimate gathering of couples who wish to begin their parenting journey with mindful intention.

Together we will…..

-Call in loving wisdom and support from ancestors

-Release self limiting beliefs as they relate to parenting

-Recognition of your strengths as a parent by your partner & community

-Guided visualization & intention setting

-Parent & couple wishes for baby

-End our evening with a nurturing and celebratory feast