Orgasmic Voice: Activating the High Priestess

about this event

In a sacred circle of women we will explore and activate the sensual connection between the voice and the yoni. We gather to unleash the silenced part of ourselves, tap into our innate power and reclaim our voices. We will journey into repressed aspects of the psyche, access the internal archetype of the High Priestess and step into a practice of radical self love.

Experience the potency of Chakra Vocal Activation, guided imagery and plant magick to access deeper realms of pleasure and to more confidently wield the feminine power of our Shakti. Explore together the meeting point between science and sacred. Dive deep into your own lineage of ancient priestesses that you carry with you, and gain the confidence to share your wisdom with the world.

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About the Facilitators:

Asheya lives to serve Love and the awakening of all hearts! She began the practice of the physical asanas, along with kirtan and meditation, over ten years ago and is now dedicated to living yoga in every moment – each breath is union with the Beloved. She is a compassionate, nurturing guide on the path and draws upon the wisdom of her own self-love journey. Asheya guides men and women alike in coming into contact with their innate power through her signature Vocal Activation classes that she hosts around Los Angeles.

Jessica draws from her knowledge of both Eastern and Western psychological models to provide a holistic and contemplative experience for those who work with her. She has spent the past 2 decades immersed in studying non-dualism as well as Mahayana Buddhism, and recently received her MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. It is her mission to reignite a spark of playful curiosity within others to examine their lives, as well as the values and beliefs that guide them in creating their preferred narrative. She believes all people have the power and potential to free ourselves from suffering, stagnation, and limitation, and to step into a world beyond our collective imagination.