Opening to the Medicine of Winter

about this event

A class for nature-loving people on how to experience the nourishing & soulful side of the season – instead of just enduring it.

Is Winter Making You Feel Heavy?  

  • Are you experiencing this season as one to endure rather than to enjoy? 
  • Are you longing to feel more uplifted and more trusting of the wisdom of the cycles of nature? 
  • Would you like to cultivate your calm and clarity, your joy and connection during this time? 
  • Are you ready to create nourishing rituals that can help you feel more calm and vibrant?  

If so, you’re welcome to join me in this class so that you can explore ways to experience the season in a more nourishing, soulful and aligned way.    

I will share:

  • the one key shift that can transform how you experience the season.  
  • a guide for nature lovers on how to make your everyday winter days better (it’s not just about what you wear)  
  • 9 practice ideas that you can start applying right away.  
  • poetry to help you soak in the goodness of winter.  

I’ll be teaching live, so I’ll be available to answer your questions and clarify any points you might need me to expand upon.  

I look forward to seeing you there!