Online New Moon Mama Meditation

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Mamas, have no fear. Your immune system is already working for two. It’s like you’re wearing an extra sweater of protection. You are your baby’s whole world. What you feel, baby feels.

So, it’s important to develop a daily practice to calm your nervous system and center yourself so the vibes you’re sending to that bun in the oven are messages of love and safety.

This is a space for soon-to-be mamas and mamas-on-the go to ground down and re-center for themselves, their babies, and be in community. We gather via Zoom on the Sunday closest to the New Moon (times sometimes vary). Immediately after registering, you will receive a specific Zoom Meeting Link.

This month we’ll convene on:

Date: Sunday, April 26th

Time: 2:30-3:30PM (CDT)

Cost: $22

Each gathering includes an element of sharing, a mini “moon talk,” gentle stretching, and 1-2 meditations specifically designed to calm the nervous system to support your beautifully changing body during pregnancy, empower your labor, and use as tools to support you when your baby is in your arms.

All meditations are from the Khalsa Way Prenatal Yoga tradition (inspired by Kundalini Yoga).

Read more about it on my website.

What’s so special about the New Moon?

The phases of the moon typically influence our internal world (thoughts, emotions, etc). As the moon cycles through her phrases, she moves through the sky like passing through sections of a clock. When the New Moon or Full Moon falls on a particular sign, it amplifies that particular energy. Think of it like a filter on a light bulb.

We’re all swimming in the same energy, but different people may be impacted more strongly than others. Just like a sunny day may influence a person’s external actions (ex. inspiring a walk outside), the moon phase has the potential to influence internal world (ex. perhaps influencing one’s mood).

Why does this matter for mamas?

When a woman’s physical body expands during pregnancy, so does her energetic body and she might feel these energetic shifts more strongly. It’s like working with extra information. If you take in that information in an organized way, you can powerfully tap into your intuition. If you take it in in a disorganized way, there is potential to feel overwhelmed and lash out with your words and actions. These meditations are ancient tools to harness this extra information you may be sensing as a woman and mother.

Mamas, don’t just feel the energy. Use it.