Online Moon Circle – New Moon in Taurus (Pacific Time Zone)

about this event

Why We Gather

For centuries, women have gathered in alignment with the moon phases to reflect, share and inspire one another. Gather Circles reimagines this ancient practice for the woman you are today.

Spiritual foundations, rituals and community as our anchors – to hold steady amid life’s challenges – are especially important right now. That’s what moon circles are all about, and that’s why we’ll gather for the New Moon in Taurus.

The New Moon in Taurus guides us to explore our self-worth. The greater your sense of worthiness, the more you can take advantage of all that the world has to offer you. Influenced by Taurean energy, we’ll set intentions around the finer things in life, particulary love and abundance. Because your’e worth it!

Wondering what happens in a moon circle? We’ll talk a bit about the Taurus New Moon, do a shamanic journey meditation, journal, and open the circle for sharing. This moon circle provides a safe space and structure for you to connect with your Self, a like-minded community, and the moon. And, we’ll have a bit of fun too!

If you’re new to moon circles, don’t worry! No experience is necessary.

About Ashley

Gather Circles are guided by Ashley Cramer, an entrepreneur in the wellness space, whose mission is to inspire and empower women through self-care practices. Ashley found lunar manifestaion through her own journey down the “woo woo rabbit hole,” and she’s created powerful transformation in her life by aligning with moon cycles. Ashley is a fully-initiated Pampamesayok shaman and has guided moon circles for more than two years. She’s worked with PopSugar Play/Ground, Create & Cultivate, Urban Outfitters, and more. Ashley lives in Palm Springs, California.