One-Day Intuitive Movement Retreat in Malibu

about this event

Join Sacred Woman Collective and global retreat host and renowned yoga teacher Azure Wolfe for a one-day retreat on April 29th. Azure will guide us through a variety of yoga-based movements, touching on the benefits and mechanics of the postures with relation to the anatomy and energy systems that are linked to poses. We’ll have fun while learning and weaving these elements together through motion as well as stillness. We will also enjoy Sacred Woman sacred circles, guided meditation, breathwork, soundbath, plant-based, gluten-free meals, community and lots of fun and laughter. 

Because the best kind of movement is the kind that feels good, and only you know your own body. Movement is a form of soul medicine, and as we age, we have an opportunity to cater to our specific needs, really tuning into what our spirit is craving, in the form of movement, in our NOW bodies. Developing verbal and physical practices that let these vessels know they are cared for and deserve dance, fluidity, fun, function, and love are invaluable tools. Movement creates more movement; movement creates energy and energy creates a happy life! See you in Malibu!