Om Shalom Yoga

about this event

Om Shalom Yoga is Jewish ritual experienced through the moving meditation of a Vinyasa flow yoga class. Weaving Jewish texts and philosophies with yogic wisdom, and working traditional versions of Jewish prayers into modern musical arrangements composed and recorded for this flow, Om Shalom Yoga creates a unique opportunity to dance, move, sweat, pray, sing, and meditate among community in the present moment. Om Shalom Yoga is anchored by live music and chanting of prayers, songs, and musical meditations. (Zack Lodmer on clarinet, Jason Gamer on flugelhorn, and Greg Kaufman on guitar). Om Shalom Yoga is assisted by Jason Gamer. Bring your yoga mat, towel, and water, and dress in comfortable exercise clothes. No seats, no books, no stress. Welcome, Namaste, and Shal-om! 

Zack Lodmer is a musician and yoga instructor from Los Angeles, and is a Deputy City Attorney with the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. As the founder and leader of Om Shalom Yoga, Zack weaves Jewish melodies and teachings into an all-levels, uplifting yoga class. Zack infuses breath awareness, strong sequencing, and humor into each session, urging students to find their own joy, strength, and equanimity in each pose so that these essential human qualities extend well beyond the mat, and into everyday life. The soundtrack for Om Shalom Yoga features music written and recorded by Zack Lodmer and Co-produced by Brian Demby.