Ocean Soundbath / Coastal Sunset Meditation

about this event

As the ocean tides pull in and out, slow down, listen, and breathe along the coast with Wild Awake co-founder Sophie Klimcak at golden hour.

About this event

More mysterious than the moon, the ocean is a largely unexplored body of water that can be a metaphor for understanding our own vast consciousness. When we look at the ocean, research shows that the frequency of our brains changes, moving us into meditative, introspective, and creative states.

In this immersive experience, we will dissolve the boundaries between self and the sea, redefining the Japanese practice of forest bathing (森林浴) as ocean bathing. Come breathe the salty air, feel the eons-long erosion of rocks into sand beneath our feet, and reset your heartbeats with the symphony of waves crashing upon the shore.

Through journaling, walking, and multisensory meditation, we will collectively ponder:

  • our relationship, kinship, and reciprocity with ocean tides and algae through breath & sound
  • the deep calm at the center of the ocean below a turbulent, ever-evolving surface
  • how to practice living as the medium of water, instead of by the peaks and troughs of waves

To see past programs on outdoor mindfulness with Wild Awake, explore the recap for our Breathe in a Forest / A Forest Breathes You program.

About the Guide

Sophie Haruna Klimcak (she/her) is a learning experience designer, community-builder, and Bay Area naturalist. As co-founder and program director at Wild Awake, Sophie draws upon her ecstatic wonder for the outdoors and her Japanese + Eastern European roots to design experiences that nurture a deep care for people and the planet. She holds a M.Ed. from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a B.A. in Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology from Washington University in St. Louis. Sophie is an avid stargazer and backpacker with 300+ miles of trails logged, with a newly emerging passion for birding, poetry, and taiko drumming.

Where to Meet

We’ll settle at a spot on Baker Beach closer towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Look for a group of up to 15 people with blankets, mugs, headphones, and other audio equipment.

What to Bring

Something to sit on – a blanket, towel, or yoga mat (we’ll have a few extras).

The weather calls for clear skies ☀️ and wind 🌬, so we recommend dressing warmly and bringing layers — a beanie, wool socks, sunglasses, and a fleece or down jacket.

Sliding Scale

By all of us contributing what we can afford, we can create the world we want to live in. Thank you for giving as much as you are able so that people of different economic backgrounds are able to join our programming.

What’s Included

Guided meditation, reflection, & spiritual ecology practices

A cozy cup of tea & tasty treats

Covid-19 Safety

Proof of full vaccination is required. Social distancing will be observed. Please do not attend if you are not feeling well, have COVID-19 symptoms, or have been in close contact with anyone who is COVID-19+.


If possible, we request that you walk, bike, or use public transportation to this event to reduce your carbon output. 😊 / Closest Bus Line: 28

About Wild Awake

Wild Awake curates immersive outdoor learning experiences that are rooted in connecting with and caring for ourselves, each other, and the more-than-human world. For more details about Wild Awake, please visit www.wildawake.us.