NYE Event – Release 2020, Powerfully call in a New Vibration for 2021!

about this event

Are You READY to release all that is ready to be let go of from 2020 and to call in a new Vibration for 2021?

2020 was destabilizing, and traumatic to say the least. Healing is necessary–individually and collectively. Hence, I invite you to join me in this powerful healing field.

You will be AMAZED by how the vibration will shift in and around you following this event!

What to Expect:

-A powerful guided meditation to release all that’s not serving you from 2020 and to set a new vibration for 2021.

-Receive channeled healing and a soul activation to set you into the vibration of love and abundance for the new year.

-In addition, Shara will guide you through a process to reflect upon the 7 major energy blocks which get in the way of actualizing what you want, and we’ll set a new intention around how you’d like to relate to them in the new year.

How to Prepare:

*Set yourself up in a comfortable chair or couch with warm clothes or a blanket over you (your body temperature may drop a couple of degrees in this process).

*Please have a candle that will stay lit for the full two-hour duration of the class. *

*Also, prior to attending this class, there is some optional homework: Make a list of EVERYTHING you are ready to release. Make this list as detailed as you would like and write this on a single piece of paper (as we will be ripping this one up following a ceremonial process). Then, make a list of everything you wish to call in for 2021. Write this on a separate sheet of paper as well. Have a pen close by during the class in case you’d like to add to this list.

Price: ONLY $25 to partake (Earlybird)!

Plus, bring an additional friend(s) for $10 only (as this is a wonderful event to do with your friends).

Once you Register, the Zoom link will be emailed to you as well as the $10 Bring a friend link for any additional friends you’d like to invite!

Ok to send payments ($25) via venmo at Shara-Ogin or through the payment page at (sharaogin.com/2021).

Shara Ogin has been helping others heal for over 25 years and she currently works as a life coach and clairvoyant. She lives and works in the Bay Area leading group programs, retreats in natural settings as well as helping people one on one.