NUSHU Thought Leader Series: Triumph of the Human Spirit with Biet Simkin

about this event

The NUSHU Thought Leader Series is a webinar series hosted by NUSHU founder Vanessa Cornell. It was born out of a desire to offer connection and support during a challenging time through inspiring conversations.

We invite you to join us for a live conversation with Biet Simkin for a conversation on experiencing hardship, the power of meditation, and how resilience is available to every one of us, no matter our circumstances!

How do we transform our pain into aliveness and shift from despair to hope? Let’s cut through the bullshit. Life is hard. There is no silver bullet. We all carry pain and fear. Loss and grief are real and deserve to be acknowledged. Life can also be glorious and magical, spectacularly and intensely beautiful. Biet Simkin knows there are two sides to the same coin. A renowned meditation leader, author, and influencer, Biet seamlessly weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality. A string of life-changing events led Biet down a path of awakening. She is no stranger to navigating life’s challenges and reclaiming self-worth in a world that’s been turned upside down.

In this webinar, we discuss experiencing hardship, the power of meditation, and how resilience is available to every one of us, no matter our circumstances. If anyone knows how to cultivate a personal practice that helps improve the greater world, it’s Biet. She has turned her lifetime study of meditation into something that benefits others, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom.

More About Biet:

Biet is the world-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation.” Her teachings are featured in Biet’s best selling book, ‘Don’t Just Sit There!’ published by Simon & Schuster.

Raised by a Shaman in New York City, Biet signed to Sony Records at the age of 19 as a singer/songwriter. Diving into a Rock & Roll lifestyle, Biet became a high profile DJ in the fashion and art scene in Manhattan. However, following a string of life changing events, including the sudden loss of her daughter, Biet turned to her lifetime study of meditation and launched the Guided By Biet event series. The meditation experience reached a contemporary audience in cultural spaces, including museums, hotels, and fashion shows. These groundbreaking events were scored by her own music and were the first time meditation was mixed with pop culture, creating the revolutionary new trend.

She has been featured in Vogue, Forbes, ELLE, and TIME magazine, and as the resident meditation guru at The Sundance Film Festival, 1 Hotels, MoMA, and SoulCycle, Biet advises spiritual best practices for hotels and brands. Biet is best known for modernizing the spiritual path and has been called the “Meditation Guru for the next generation.”