NUSHU Thought Leader Series: Mental Health & Motherhood with Ellie Burrows

about this event

The NUSHU Thought Leader Series is a webinar series hosted by NUSHU founder Vanessa Cornell. It was born out of a desire to offer connection and support during a challenging time through inspiring conversations.

We invite you to join us for a live conversation with Ellie Burrows Gluck, Co-Founder and CEO of MNDFL, on mental health and motherhood.

There is often a great divide between what motherhood is “supposed to be” and the way people actually experience it. The pressures of motherhood do not afford much time to nurture a personal identity, and it becomes easy to question our purpose and path.

We’re excited to sit down with Ellie Burrows Gluck to examine the pillars of identity and mental health in the context of motherhood. As a new mom and the co-founder and CEO of MNDFL, Ellie has brilliantly evolved her corner of mindfulness into the modern age.

As we care for the physical and mental well-being of others, it is sometimes difficult for mothers to remember to prioritize their own. In this webinar, we’ll cover how to find rather than lose yourself in motherhood, tackling imposter syndrome, and nourishing our mental well-being.

More About Ellie:

ELLIE BURROWS GLUCK is the Cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of MNDFL as well as a Vedic Meditation teacher, certified personal development coach and writer. After graduating magna cum laude from Northwestern University, Ellie served as an executive in the film business for a number of years, focusing on the business side of film: producing, selling, financing and finding new talent. When her meetings began to evolve into coaching sessions around effective communication and interpersonal relationships, she chose to pursue mindfulness in a more meaningful way. In 2014, she cofounded MNDFL, New York City’s premier meditation company which offers corporate programming, mindfulness training, an on-demand meditation channel and a non-profit arm, MNDFL Ed. Along the way, Ellie was exposed to Vedic Meditation. What started as a daily practice turned into a full blown love affair, and beginning in 2017 Ellie completed her 2000-hour teacher training program under master teacher Théo Burkhardt. She is currently focused on launching MNDFL’s newest offering: MNDFL Certification & Training, a 75hr mindfulness training, architected by MNDFL’s Senior Advisor, Rev. angel Kyodo williams, and MNDFL’s Director of Training, David Perrin.