NUSHU Thought Leader Series: Empowered Empath with Dana Childs

about this event

The NUSHU Thought Leader Series is a webinar series hosted by NUSHU founder Vanessa Cornell. It was born out of a desire to offer connection and support during a challenging time through inspiring conversations.

We invite you to join us for a live conversation with renowned intuitive and energy healer Dana Childs on understanding empathic gifts to empower and evolve our lives.

As we slowly resurface from an intense year of emotion, grief, and isolation, many of us are not only carrying our own heightened feelings but also the energy and emotions of those around us. For people who are highly sensitive or empathic, those external feelings create an even bigger impact, and life can be difficult to manage, especially right now.

Renowned intuitive and energy healer Dana Childs joins us for a powerful conversation on navigating life with ease and purpose as an empath. We’ll discuss how to identify if you’re an empath, tools for managing your empathic abilities, and even how to parent an empath. We will also deconstruct how being an empath can impact your romantic relationships.

Whether you’re looking to better understand yourself, learn to manage your empathic gifts, or better support your energy field, this webinar will be full of information that can be used in all aspects of your life. When you know more about who you are, you can share your authentic heart to all those you love.