New Year’s Floss – 8 Days to Renewed Fascia

about this event

with Bonnie Crotzer & Kaita Mrazek

Fabulous Fascia in 2022. This 8 Day Flossing Challenge is going to help achieve pain relief, energy and comfort in your body- real and sustainable change to your connective tissue and therefore all your systems.

Ready to morph your bod from the inside out?

Fascia Flossing – it’s not stretching, it’s flossing…

It’s active.

It’s engaged.

It’s mindful.

It’s connected.

It’s a workout and a massage in one.

Like internally exfoliating your connective tissue…layer by layer, inch by inch. Let’s Floss and start the year off right!

Jan 3 –  Jan 10th, 12-12:45pm ET everyday 

First two days are free for new Flossers to try it out!!

Suggested donation for full event is $80-$100 or Daily Drop in $14


2 Free Challenges per Year for New Members with Monthly membership $38 month 


Venmo @bonzita or  


“I came to Bonnie’s challenge with acute low back, hip and sacral pain. I’d been a dancer, soccer player and yogi for many years, but would continuously injure myself despite a consistent work out and “stretching” routine. It wasn’t until Bonnie’s class that I started to understand the difference between hyper flexibility and actual mobility. This challenge has reduced my pain considerably and opened up my eyes (and hamstrings!) to a whole new world of somatic experience. I cannot wait to integrate fascia flossing into my routine. Thank you Bon!” -Leila