New Moon Workshop w/ Maison Aiko &Olivia

about this event

The seasons will soon shift – Autumn to Winter for our northern hemisphere friends and Spring into Summer for those in the south. To continue to burn and nourish the flame within our souls, keeping us warm through the colder, hibernation months and the time for reflection and inward thought, and ready for activation in the summer months. Let us align, to tap into and expand those sparks within, igniting passion and creativity, and fanning; the nuggets of light we desire to grow. Whether starting the few lines of a novel or writing a song we want you to carve out more space and time for expressing your passions and turning them into “mini-you projects” and projections of true self, dreams and desires. No matter the size, passion projects and fueling the fire within are essential to one’s life.

Join Maison Aiko&Olivia for the monthly New Moon workshop on Sunday November 15th, where we will discover and embrace all sides of creativity, self-expression, passion and carving out space and time for you and these gifts of joy.

The Maison Aiko&Olivia workshops are a multi-sensory experience; we believe in moving and tuning into all aspects of ourselves: mind, body, spirit and emotions within all. We will open up the class with a 45minute Yoga/Dance sequence led by Aiko. Followed by Olivia’s part of the workshop where we will explore dialogue, knowledge, creative hands-on activities and Quartz crystal sound bath meditation. All aspects of the workshop are centered around the chosen focus; Fueling the Fire & Passion.

Every month, Maison Aiko&Olivia choose a foundation to work with, and this month we have chosen Guitars Not Guns, an inspiring foundation that not only is centered around healing through the power of music.

“We provide guitars and lessons to foster children and at-risk youth in a classroom setting with qualified teachers as an alternative to violence.” The four pillars of their program are:

Security: Many of our students are the victims of abuse or neglect. We provide an environment where kids can feel safe, secure, and valued.

Empowerment: Our students walk away from our class with the knowledge they can accomplish challenging goals with some commitment and dedication.

Creativity: Our class helps to fuel the creativity of our students allowing them to express their emotions in a positive and constructive way.

Mentorship: Yes, we teach guitar. But more than that we commit to be dependable, engaged, authentic, and tuned into the needs of our students.

Time Zones:

NYC – 7-9AM

UK – 12-2PM

FR – 1-3PM

AU – 10-Midnight


Inspiring Global Kinship


Awaken a deeper connection to one’s true self; to inspire inner and outer healing.

By expanding and empowering our awareness, we can not only heal ourselves, but also our global community, our Mother Earth and our future.


Tune in and align to one’s true self through a holistic healing journey

Activate one’s inner compass through bestowing knowledge, stimulating awareness and sharing wisdom

Deepen human connection through community and camaraderie with our neighbors near and far

Create global kinship through responsibility and action by nurturing those in-need and our Mother Earth


From Olivia

☆Aquarius ☾Aries ↑Scorpio

“Healing ourselves is our first responsibility and then healing the world is our second; the crystal clear knowing that we are all connected and that ‘doing the work together’ is the only way to bring forth more light, more love, more peace to all corners of our physical, mental and spiritual sides, as well as all corners of the world and universe. I believe this is everyone’s divine right and Maison Aiko&Olivia is our space dedicated to the cultivation and fruition of this.”

From Aiko

☆Taurus ☾Scorpio ↑Gemini

“Life is an ongoing journey of struggle and triumph. How we view and let these experiences imprint us shape who we are and the outcomes, whether desired or not. Maison A&O is about tapping into oneself – soul, identity, that voice inside, intuition, whatever your reference may be – giving that inner guiding force, which we all possess, voice; a confident and undeniable voice. Maison Aiko&Olivia for the betterment of our community’s well-being by sewing the physical and metaphysical together to heal and grow.”