New Moon Wombyn’s Circle

about this event

Blessings Dear Sisters,

Join us for a beautiful, nourishing and inspiring evening of connecting in Sacred Sisterhood under this New Moon in Virgo. The time has come for us to Reclaim our Divinity, Remember the Ancient Wisdom we carry within & Rise in our Divine Feminine Power together. It is so important that we as sisters gather in this time of great change, awakening and transformation. We have heard the call of the Goddess and are truly so honored to hold this sacred space of healing, self~love, support & wombanifestation. 

Led by Shakti & Marisa, we will be guided on a Blessed journey of Empowerment weaving:

♦ Guided Meditation

♦ Intention Setting

♦ Astrological Insight

♦ Tea Ceremony

♦ Gentle Kundalini

♦ Breathwork

♦ Movement

♦ Voice Activation

♦ Sound Healing

♦ Heartshares & 

♦ a Collective Planetary Healing Circle

We will attune to the fertile, creative & grounding energy of this Virgo moon and co~create a Collective Field of Sacred Feminine Light as we activate this new, vibrant and abundant cycle ahead <3 Come connect in supportive sisterhood, unlock the wisdom of your body, voice & Heart Temple, be embraced in a safe, nurturing container and Rise into your Power as the Queen you are! We welcome all of you into this sacred space, dear sister <3 


This is an intimate container with only 15 spaces available, so secure your space Now if you feel called to be Present. Share your $44 exchange via Venmo @purplelotusmassageandwellness


+ Dress in red! Come as the Priestess you are 

+ Meditation cushion or blanket

+ Crystals & sacred objects to be energetically charged on our commUnity altar (optional)


Arrive at 7pm so you can gently ground into the space with Ease & Grace.  

We will gather on the Purple Lotus pergola in a beautiful outdoor zen garden in a private home in Highland Park. The house is located near the top of the hill on Monte Vista street and you can easily find street parking below. 

Walk down the pathway on the left of the house (follow chakra signs) to access the back house. Walk through house to access outdoor zen garden with pergola.


For any questions, contact Shakti at (626) 497-4566 or Marisa at (323) 797-1917.


We are so excited to connect with you sisters in sacred space soon! 

Radiating Infinite Love from our Hearts & Wombs,

Shakti & Marisa <3