New Moon Reiki Sound Bath

about this event

The New Moon is an opportunity to begin again, harmonizing with the cycles of Nature. 

Gathering for this event expect to: 

✿ Circle in community 

✿ Set intentions for this Moon cycle 

✿ Gently move your body

✿ Bathe in the frequencies of healing Sound Bowls, Chimes, and instruments 

✿ Receive Reiki healing

✿ Follow soothing words of guided visualization meditation 

✿ Be led through journal prompts relating to this Scorpio New Moon

Under the New Moon, we plant seeds, water the soils of our desires, and weed away any energy and limiting beliefs that are obstructing your growth 🌱

How does sound healing and Reiki shift your energy and guide you to rewrite subconscious beliefs? 

Sound healing synchronizes your body’s vibration with that of healing sounds to bring your into a state of deep receptive relaxation. The sound vibrations shift your brain waves from a beta wave to alpha or theta wave, or a more calm, intuitive and trance like states. From this space, you are more easily suggestible as you are tapping into your subconscious mind, which houses your core beliefs about yourself, others and life at large. It is from these beliefs that you manifest your reality. 

Similarly, Reiki brings the mind•body into a state of deep relaxation, opening the doors for physical and emotional healing at a deeper level. The Reiki practitioner channels Ki (energy) into your auric field to restore the flow of energy through and around the body, bringing it into a state for optimal healing that ultimately occurs from within. 

What will you need? A journal, a yoga mat, and anything to optimize your comfort (blankets, cushions, eye pillow… )