New Moon Circle for Women, Queer, and Femme Folk // Aquarius

about this event

Please join us to honor the first New Moon of the New Year, in the sign of Aquarius! The expansive and innovative energy of this sign will help to create sacred permission for us to go after our wildest dreams in 2020, without being held back by what seems unlikely or “impossible” to happen. We will have the opportunity to share our intentions in sweet and safe community, and for them to be witnessed and activated by the powerful portal of group magic that forms when we gather in ceremony.

This circle aims to honor the Yin aspects within all of us. This event is a safe and supportive space for women, queer, trans, non-binary, and/or femme-forward folks.

The New Moon is a time to gather in community and honor the empty, dark space before we begin the next lunar cycle. It is a time to fill up this blank space with our positive intentions and manifestations for the future. It is a time to plant seeds, and call upon the moon magic to help us to cultivate them. It is a time to honor the yin within, to rest and reset, to gain clarity so that we may see into the dark.

Our New Moon circles are a blend of meditative, healing, joyous, and creative activities. We discuss the astrology of the moment and seasonal energetics, as well as create ample space for group discussion and insights. Activities may include meditation, ritual, writing, music, movement, and artistic exercises, and vary based on the energy of the particular moon. We hope you’ll join us for this powerful and cathartic gathering of community to share, heal, and celebrate together. ♥

Exchange: $20 suggested // $10-$25 sliding scale available

Feel free to dress in comfortable, cozy clothing, or just come as you are! You are welcome to bring a water bottle, notebook and pen, and any crystals or other sacred objects you would like to charge on the altar. It can also be lovely to bring chocolate or fruit to share with the group, if you feel so called!


Sarah Rayne is a Reiki Master, a facilitator of joy, and a healing artist. She offers Reiki treatments + classes, tarot readings, intuitive sound healing, and various workshops and community events. Her aim is to support and invite ease for her clients, helping to illuminate their inner magic + resilience, and empowering them to walk their own path of self-healing. She is also the founder of Firebird Healing Arts, a bi-coastal healing arts practitioner alliance, with chapters in Brooklyn, NY, and Portland, OR.