New Moon Circle: Cancer

about this event

As humans we have been circling since the dawn of history, and many civilizations celebrate the coming of a new moon and the releasing of a full moon. This New Moon we will be celebrating Cancer.

During historical times, this was often referred to as “red tent” circles where all women would gather together, bond & . Everything about our emotionality has to do with the moon and that’s why our menstrual cycles often have a lot to do with the timing of the moon.

In Breathwork Society it is one my core missions and beliefs that those that choose to be vulnerable and FEEL with each other also HEAL with each other.. and that’s what this event is all about! 

This is a sacred time & space where we will all explore a theme together, understand the astrology of what’s happening in space, journal and listen to each other.

New Moon- Cancer- Starts at 4:30PM PST


5 min: Intro 5 min: Candle Lighting/Cleansing 20 min: Cancer Season Overview 10 min: Journal Reflection + Theme 20 min: Stories & Shares

Meeting: We will be meeting over zoom & I will be sending an email reminder & zoom link once I receive your RSVP.

Can’t wait to see you there!