NETWORK WITH PURPOSE: Overcome Your Biggest Fears & Do Work You Love

about this event

 Let go of the fears that hold you back & find the courage to do work you love. Meet fellow participants pursuing or doing Purpose-full work.

About this event

Join Repurpose Your Purpose for a special interactive gathering – all online.

  • Would you like to do work that feels aligned to your Purpose and values, whether as an employee or a business owner?
  • Do you yearn to meet more people who are also passionate about doing work that matters?
  • Would you like to use in your professional life the skills and talents that give you the most joy?
  • Are you already doing work you love and looking to meet others with whom to share your passion?

Gather online with people from all over the world for a new type of event to learn + connect.


PART 1: How to overcome your biggest fears about doing what you love

We will begin with a 45 min interactive workshop and presentation all about letting go of the fears that hold you back from sharing your true Self and pursuing work you love. You will have the opportunity to share with others and ask questions.

PART 2: Network with Purpose

After the workshop, stay for guided small-group networking that invites authenticity and warm connection.

Experience a different way to learn: not top down, not isolating or disconnected. Instead experience a participatory, judgmental, warm, supportive environment that fosters connection and inspires you to trust yourself while caring for others.

  • Shift the way you approach your career change, so you feel brave and empowered, instead of overwhelmed or discouraged
  • Explore what could be possible from a place of self acceptance and community (instead of fear and isolation)
  • Connect with others who are also looking to do work they love, or who are already living a life of Purpose and would love to share ♥

This event will take place live online and is INTERACTIVE. You can calculate your local time to participate here. I will host the gathering twice to make it easy for people from different time zones to participate. You only need to attend once 🙂

Please note that this event will NOT be recorded.


  • This interactive gathering will be live online. You can choose to connect at 9 am or at 5:30 pm (Los Angeles Time): I will send a private link to join using Zoom only to those who register online.
  • Please make sure you have fast and reliable internet connection, video camera, headphones and mic as needed to participate.
  • To co create a safe space, I will lock the meeting after the first few minutes, so please be on time
  • Although a Zoom app is available, I highly recommend you plan on attending using your laptop or desktop computer.
  • The workshop is open to anybody from anywhere in the world 🙂 The entire workshop will be in English.
  • Please choose a quiet environment free of distractions to participate: this is a completely live and interactive workshop and you will need to be fully present and participate.
  • Please be on video. It makes a big difference to the people who will be meeting with you in small groups.

About the Organizer

Aurora Meneghello is the Founder of Repurpose Your Purpose and a transformative coach. With over a decade of experience in teaching and facilitating group transformation, she is committed to honoring the uniqueness of each person’s path while holding space for our interconnection and oneness.

Repurpose Your Purpose is for everyone who is looking to do the deep work of creating a purposeful and fulfilling life. This live, interactive online event is offered as a gift to all seekers and doers of Purpose-full work.

Psst: a couple of times a year I host a group program to change careers, you can sign up for the waiting list here.