Muscle Testing with Nicole Broderick

about this event

Join us Saturday March 11th for a taste of Nutrition Response Testing. Nicole will utilize the muscle testing technique to find a stressor that you may be struggling with internally (metals, chemicals, fungal/yeast, virus, parasite, bacteria, foods) and where in the body that stressor is effecting. Once these answers have been found, Nicole will guide you through the Anima Mundi shop and select a few herbal remedies that may help your body detox this stressor. The best part is, you’ll get to see and feel YOUR body choose what it likes best using the muscle testing method. This takes all of the guessing out of the selection and guarantees that the products you leave with are safe, potent, and most importantly, highly effective for your body’s specific needs! 

What is Nutrition Response Testing?

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of assessing the bodys organs, systems and functions to determine all areas of distress in the body, and the underlying causes of that distress. We are able to uncover all toxicities and deficiencies in the body, so we can begin to safely and effectively detox the body. With Nutrition Response Testing, we focus on the root of the issue – not just the symptoms. This technique is a form of applied kinesiology or otherwise known as “muscle-testing”.

About Nicole:

Nicole, like many of us was doing the best she could to maintain health, but knew something was just “off”. Overtime she ended up in the E.R with extreme intestinal pain, and was sent away with no answers or diagnosis. She knew she had to take matters into her own hands. Nicole came across a modality called Nutrition Response Testing, and within two weeks was symptom free, her main symptoms of pain and digestive stress were totally under control. As she continued through the practice, symptoms that she didn’t even realize were a problem began to dissipate, anxiety, skin issues, insomnia etc. She has now devoted her life to helping people to see the same results she did. Many of us walk around with symptoms that we think are “normal”, but these symptoms are really your body trying to tell you something is out of balance, and Nicole can help you speak that language.