Movement. Sound. Purpose.

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Uncover your voice and Uncover your soul’s voice

Join Amy Soucy, mindful movement expert and singer-songwriter and Madineyah Isaacs, certified life and leadership coach in this transformative half-day experience in movement, breath work, sound and life purpose, held in a spacious, light-filled studio in gorgeous Beacon, NY.

You will leave the experience feeling more free in your body, connected to your voice and knowing without a shadow of a doubt what your life purpose is.

Perhaps make a day of it and come for brunch and go for a stroll along the scenic Hudson river beforehand?

Amy will open us up with an embodied practice – blending elements of yoga, free & ecstatic movement, breath work, meditation, and sound.

Equal parts intuitive journeying, structured movement & creative exploration, this immersive experience invites you into relationship with YOUR inner wisdom – the deeper intelligence of the body, mind, & heart.

With time and space to explore stillness, movement, and our unique sound, we’ll shake habit-patterns loose and release long-held patterns of tension (usually connected to limiting thoughts and mindsets). A beautiful way to balance and restore the nervous system, dissolve insecure thought, and make room for growth within.

Madineyah, will then beautifully guide us in an inward journey to discover our life purpose. You will leave with your unique written out life purpose statement.

Our LIFE PURPOSES are as unique to us as our fingerprints. Knowing your life purpose is the foundation to living the life you yearn for – clarity, inner peace and feeling deeply fulfilled.

That feeling in your heart that you can’t quite put your finger on, we’ll put into words and will serve as your compass to your inspired life.


  • Desire to connect with your voice
  • Desire to feel free in your body
  • Are curious
  • Are stuck
  • Unclear of your life purpose (or feel you need some refining)
  • Desire to have a fulfilling and enriching life
  • Desire to make a difference in the world but don’t know how
  • Don’t know what makes your soul come alive
  • Stressed
  • Feel like something is missing from your life but don’t know what
  • Love learning about yourself
  • Like experimenting
  • Love laughing
  • Like being around like-minded people
  • Consider yourself a seeker
  • Desire inner peace
  • Desire to be more in the moment
  • Desire more focus
  • Desire to design life on your terms


Please wear clothing that you’ll feel free to move in, bring a notebook/journal, pen and most importantly an open mind and heart.

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Discover more about Amy here and here and Madineyah

*Refunds until 7 days before the event (please allow 3-5 days to reflect in your acc) Tickets are transferable to a friend after that.