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Led by Karen Vogel, co-creator of the Motherpeace Tarot Deck.

Join us for a two week virtual immersion with Karen Vogel, co-creator of the famed Motherpeace Tarot Deck. Created in the 70’s, the cards in this extraordinary round tarot deck include images of potent symbols celebrating women’s power from 40,000 years of pre-patriarchal cultures throughout the world. 

Karen is a rogue scholar, known for her innovative thinking in the field of anthropology and natural history. The immersion with Karen will contain both theory and practice. You’ll learn how to use the tarot as a tool for enhancing intuition, insight and the art of divination. Karen’s spiritual perspective is goddess oriented and includes the belief that everything is alive including plants, animals, rocks and weather. They all have spirits that can be explored in altered states which can be accessed through a variety of techniques including tarot. She’ll teach us how to use the tarot as a tool for gaining insight and information useful in healing and transformation. 

The Motherpeace Tarot Deck was co-created by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble from their deep scholarship, healing work, and psychic training. In addition, Karen’s spirituality was deeply informed by the time she spent in the southwest desert.  When Karen and Vicki traveled to Chaco Canyon in the 1970’s the ruins, spirits, energy and ancestors of the land had a profound effect on them that influenced the creation of the deck. The cards were further informed and inspired by Karen’s research into anthropology and prehistory, and Vicki’s foundation in women’s studies. The deck draws on imagery from the worldwide flowering of artistic expression beginning over 40,000 years ago. The Motherpeace images and ideas draw on a variety of cultures real and imagined, and a spirituality based on shamanism, which is often considered the original world religion of humans. 


The first class will be about revealing the underlying structure of the tarot. Karen will explain the Major Arcana and how it differs from the four suits or Minor Arcana. The four suits of the Minor Arcana relate to the elements of fire, water, air, and earth and is divided into the people (shaman, priestess, son, daughter) and numerical cards. The Major Arcana can seem very mysterious and incredibly potent. In addition to explaining the Major Arcana Karen will show participants how to figure out life cards which relate to one or two Major Arcana. We’ll discuss the different life cards and Karen will share deeper insights into her explanations of the meanings and symbology.

The second class will be more focused on using the tarot cards for readings. The cards can be used to see what’s going on in a particular situation or for a more general overview. Karen will share how to tune into the cards to receive their suggestions or ways of looking at the question that can help to orient or prescribe possible directions to go to improve, heal, and gain deeper insight in a particular situation.


In this course you’ll learn about:

-The origin of and inspiration behind the Motherpeace Tarot Deck

-The art and practice of reading Tarot cards for yourself and others

-Karen’s investigations into anthropology, prehistory, women’s studies, art, psychic and healing techniques

-How the energy of the land and people of the American southwest  including Chaco Canyon (New Mexico) had a profound effect on Karen and the creation of the Motherpeace Tarot Deck

-Karen’s personal explanations of the meanings and symbols found within the Motherpeace Tarot Deck

-Goddesses in myth, history and culture

-Everything is alive including plants, animals, rocks and weather. How to communicate with these spirits through the tarot

-Wisdom and stories from Karen’s life path 

-How to utilize tarot to enter into an altered state to gain insight and receive information useful for healing

-The underlying structure of the Tarot–the Major Arcana and how it differs from the 4 suits or Minor Arcana

-How the Minor Arcana relates to the 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth and why it’s divided into the figurative and numerical cards

-Diagnosis; using the Tarot cards to either tune into a particular situation or obtain general overview

-Using the Tarot cards to guide you to prescribe potential directions for improvement, healing or deeper insight into a particular situation 

-Your personal Tarot life card and what it means



Both sessions will gather remotely via zoom–this is Mercado Sagrado’s very first virtual group happening!


All are welcome. We look forward to communing with you!

It’s possible to RSVP for one or both sessions. If you can’t attend the session live, you’ll receive a recording. Tickets are trasnferable buy non-refundable. Please reach out to with any questions.