Moon Manifesting + Sound Bath Journey

about this event

Join Sofía Elena, Founder of Mindful Bliss Tribe, Soul Coach + Energy Healer, for a powerful evening w. guided meditation, chakra balancing + crystallized sound bath journey. Sofía will lovingly guide you to clear energy blocks, brain fog and any stagnant emotions within your energy centers.

Through this Sound Journey, you will be immersed in the vibrational frequencies through the use of pure quartz crystal singing bowls and other vibrational sound modalities that will serve as a catalyst to deeply penetrate and break up any stagnant, old + negative energy. Think of this like a massage on a cellular level. Feel yourself vibrate and come back into alignment with your true self, feel a sense of peace + joy flow through and into your life.

Through the sound wave journey, you will raise your vibration, align your chakras and expand your consciousness, unconditional love and sense of oneness. Clearing your energy and re-aligning your chakras will assist in remembering your souls true purpose as you will feel more grounded and gain more clarity. We will end the evening with the Moon Manifesting workshop where we will use the energy of the New Moon to set out intentions and attract what we desire into our reality.

Treat yourself to some self love, leave feeling lighter, with more clarity and overall re-energized.

Where: Kodawari Studios
3965 Henderson Blvd
Tampa, FL 33629

Self Love Fee: $55

What to Bring: Journal + Pen + Water
All attendees receive a FREE high vibe gift!