moon circle by erin yari

about this event

Moon energy is ocean energy is sun energy is plant energy is sky energy is animal energy is US energy. We are all connected. We are all the same. Moving and breathing and beating to rhythms of one another. When you begin working with moon energy you begin to realize this truth. 

Working with new moon energy aka the dark moon gives us an opportunity to manifest. The energy of the new moon allows us to sit in stillness and allow the darkness to become our blank page…our clean slate. With this fresh new beginning we get to decide what will show up for us in the future…more love, less stress, more joy, less challenge, more light, less dark. In Moon circle we use many exercises to find clarity and openness so that we can plant the seeds and manifest the best for ourselves. Some of these exercises include breath work, meditation, writing, dancing, partner work, crystals, etc.

Working with full moon energy gives us an opportunity to release and transform. There is so much light with the brightness of the full moon that we are able to see our FULL selves…the light and the dark, the light and the shadow. When we take a look at ourselves as whole we can really begin to see what is working for us and what is preventing us from living to our fullest. what is helping us grow and elevate and what is no longer serving. Full moon circle is practiced through the use of meditation, breath work, fire ceremony, writing exercises, etc 

In both New and Full Moon ceremony the key component is one another. sisterhood. Sitting in circle with our sisters, friends, community allows us to be seen and heard while simultaneously holding that same space for the women sitting around you.It is a powerful energy that can’t be put into words, it must be felt. magical and sweet and real.