MindTravel Mastery Knowledge Talk + Q&A Exploring Gratitude

about this event

Journey with Murray Hidary and the MindTravel Mastery Community for an exploration of Gratitude in this month’s Knowledge Talk + Q&A.

Gratitude can be defined as, “the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.” In its very definition, gratitude is tethered to kindness. You cannot have one without the other. 

But how do we find gratitude — how do we return kindness — in a world that frequently feels unkind?

We’ll explore these ideas and more in our virtual Knowledge Talk + Q&A.

Each month’s Mastery theme is thoughtfully selected to foster journeys of self-inquiry through these experiences — individually but together — on the path to living a life of excellence.

Through a discussion facilitated by Murray and the music of MindTravel, you will join a meeting of the minds for an in-depth exploration of Purpose. Bring your questions for a lively conversation sure to leave you seeing your experience of the world in a new way.