about this event

Has your mind ever wandered off while in the middle of sex with your partner(s)? Have you needed to get “in the zone” in order to achieve that orgasm but had trouble shutting out those distracting thoughts? We go through our day-to-day tasks mindlessly ticking off boxes on our to do list. We live most of our lives on autopilot and don’t even realize it.

Mindfulness is the practice of living in the moment and heightening your sensations by calming your never ending thoughts. Now imagine applying this practice to your sex life. By practicing mindfulness in our sex life, we can achieve a more realized sexual experience. In this workshop, we will learn how to apply the life changing practice of mindfulness in the bedroom. By slowing down and truly living in the moment, we can increase pleasurable experiences resulting in heightened sensations.


The intention of this workshops is learning how to use the practice of mindfulness daily. Then, you will be able to apply the practice to your sex life. This practice intends to transform your sex life into a more meaningful practice and create more pleasurable experiences.


– How to live in the moment and expand your sensory awareness

– Practice how to tune out other thoughts, anxieties or worries

– How to apply mindfulness practices in the bedroom

– Using these practices to connect with your partner(s)

– Increasing your sexual pleasure by using mindfulsex

Target Audience:

Females and Males ages 21+

$5 of each ticket sold will go to Ocean Vida a non-profit that does community work in the area with underserved communities through teaching the kids the importance of the protection of the sea and making art with recycled materials such as plastic bottles and plastic bags.

There is Free Parking available in the back private parking lot of the ZenMotel Inn