Mindful Eating and Emotional Self-Care this Holiday Season | 8 Week Series

about this event

Did you  make the inner and outer changes you had promised yourself?

At the beginning of the year, you often have ambitions for the inner and outer changes you want to make. And like many of us, this includes changing your body’s wellness. Rightfully so, since we all want our bodies to feel good!

But then life gets in the way, as it does. And your personal wellness goals take a backseat as you begin to put the needs of others first (kids, partners, work, etc.).

Eventually, you feel you’re in a cycle, ready to leave it and prioritize your inner and outer goals, but the actionable steps to make your wellness goals a reality feel challenging to figure out.

The fantastic news is that you no longer have to figure this out alone. You get to be part of an inclusive, tight-knit circle of women who will fulfill their wellness goals through the holiday season. In addition, you’ll be supported and guided throughout the entire process.

Join this eight-week women’s circle to go from the desire to feel good inside and out to make it a reality with mindfulness tools, actionable steps, and loving accountability.

Starts September 12 and runs through November 7th at 7pm PST.

What You’ll Experience During the Program:

Let go of anxious anticipation surrounding the holiday season.

  • Practice being present and mindful.
  • Craft self-care rituals that will carry you through the holiday season and beyond.
  • Deepen a meditation practice.
  • Share your story with like-minded participants.
  • Compassionately embrace the need for “emotional eating” without judgment.
  • Design positive action steps which you’ll implement into your daily routine.
  • Experience the safety of ‘being in circle.’ 
  • Allow yourself to share in a safe space and give and receive encouraging feedback and support.

Let’s face it, here’s the reality for many of us during the holiday season.

For many of us, the holiday season is a glamorized time of togetherness, family time, great food, and slowing down. 

The reality often presents itself as having unworkable expectations and quite stressful. The fear of overeating (once again) can start as early as Halloween. 

Making the promise and replaying the familiar tape: “I’ll start losing weight in the new year!” can be a story of the past. So this year, join a cohort of eight like-minded women in approaching this season wisely and differently.

Your facilitator Petra will introduce you to unique mindfulness-based practices, which you will implement into your daily routine.

The goal of this support group is to surf the season as a well-balanced, empowered woman who is ready to let go of pre-programmed visions and expectations of “the perfect holiday.”

You will learn the steps to prevent getting too stressed, tired and overwhelmed, which are designed to help prevent emotional overeating.

Each week we will discuss and practice proven relaxation- and mindfulness techniques to keep calm no matter what.

You will receive emotional support from your “Circle Sisters” in staying true to yourself, carve out alone time if needed and permit yourself to focus on your needs first. Yes, kindness and compassion start with us. You can’t give from an empty cup. Give yourself the oxygen first. 

Engaging in this curated eight-week program will ensure that there is no need to put extra weight on or get overwhelmed this season.

You will learn how to avoid stress-eating and discuss and explore ways of indulging mindfully – without worrying about calories.

These valuable life balance lessons will carry you through the holiday season. So embrace this opportunity to show yourself love, kindness, self-nurturing, and compassion.

Expect to Make Inner Shifts and Feel Amazing Inside and Out

Experience a greater sense of calm, inner peace, self-acceptance, and a reduction of punishing negative self-talk. The need to reach for food slowly diminishes when you are not physically hungry.

The new healthy rituals will start taking the place of the familiar ritual of eating when you are feeling stressed, bored or lonely.

The inner reservoir of self-compassion and self-nurturing gets fuller, and the need to take the “edge off” and numb with food weakens throughout the program.

Learn to “downshift,” stress and worry less, and live more in the present moment. Start to put your needs first and be kinder and more compassionate with yourself and others. 

Your inner “barometer” will start assisting you with listening to your body and paying attention to your need for rest, relaxation, play, or movement. And you’ll have an inner sensation of calmness and a greater sense of self-confidence. 

Become less reactive, don’t sweat the small stuff as much, and become more proactive in taking care of your SELF. The result could be measured as a greater sense of Joi-de-Vivre, a more positive way of living and being.

Details & Weekly Format

The Circle begins September 12 at 7pm and is limited to 8 women. It runs from September 12 – November 7. We will skip Oct 31, due to the Halloween holiday.

Each week Petra will present a unique mindfulness & self-care topic, which will serve as a starting point for the group discussion. Her treatment approach is counseling-based and will be following a traditional support group format – with specialized coaching for each participant. 

Our sessions begin with reviewing what went well during the previous week, what was challenging, and what deserves attention and additional support.

As a participant, you will have dedicated time to share your personal challenges and successes and receive the undivided attention and support of each group member and your facilitator Petra. 

You will receive highly customized weekly assignments and self-care practices designed to move you toward wonderful wellness and good physical and emotional self-care.

Leave each group meeting feeling more empowered, at ease, and renewed!

Here’s what others have to say about this series.

Petra is simply the best wellness and self care coach I have ever come across. My wife and I have benefited greatly from her recommendations and encouragement and plan to continue working with her to gain more well-being and enjoyment from her knowledge. Petra teaches one how to thrive and not just survive in this world, a skill that anyone could, and should, avail themselves of by engaging with her! – Jeffrey J

Working with Petra, I have learned how to take better care of myself. In the most fundamental way possible, I have a better relationship with food, and I’ve learned to trust what my mind and body actually need. I’ve never been interested in diets so I was thrilled to find the Mindful Eating Institute and have the opportunity to address eating and body image from a less medical perspective. Plus, I’m not interested in depriving myself, which many diets require. Petra has been instrumental in teaching me practical self care methods while also helping me towards my big picture goal of not letting food and body issues occupy my mind for the long run. She brings years of practice and valuable knowledge so that we are all practicing taking the best care of ourselves. – Ellen K

Petra does an incredible job of sorting through all the noise and helping individuals discover “why” they are eating, rather than restricting what they are eating. I have seen a change in the way I think about food and I feel free! – Mary K

About Petra Beumer

Petra has been successfully practicing as a counselor and health educator, assisting thousands of clients in making positive lifestyle changes. Petra taught weight loss classes for over four years at a Santa Barbara clinic and has given several talks on weight regulation and emotional eating, both to hospitals as well as corporations.

As a lifestyle consultant, she developed and taught a work-life balance workshop at the prestigious California Health & Longevity Institute and consulted as a health educator at a well-respected Santa Barbara health center. Petra’s specialty areas are weight management, emotional eating and self-care. In her work she combines cognitive-behavioral therapy with mindfulness and self-compassion practices.

She has given several talks for the American Heart Association on the topic of Stress and Emotional Eating and is a regular guest speaker at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital. 

Petra also shared her wisdom and expertise in her role as Self-Care Specialist at the luxurious Golden Door Resort & Spa, and facilitated Mindful Wednesday sessions for the employees of Santa Barbara County. 

DISCLAIMER: Your facilitator Petra Beumer will provide counseling sessions on the issues of “emotional eating”, emotional self-care, and mindfulness-based awareness and relaxation. She doesn’t treat eating disorders or give any medical advice.

The counselor is not a licensed psychotherapist in the state of California. She holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Hamburg/Germany. This counseling is not, and should not be treated as a substitute for, professional medical or mental health services. If you need medical or mental health services, please consult an appropriate professional.